Saturday, January 17, 2015

4 Tips For Gaining Traffic With Google+ Without Regular Use

Somehow, our Google+ pages have about 37894572384 times more page views than our blogs. It's weird, but that's how Google works, it promotes its own products more than ours, and that's natural, I guess.

I personally, don't use Google+. It feels too... fake and unrealistic, to me. I know with every social media tips post, you see something like 'don't treat Google+ as a copy of Facebook', but what can I do? It's just the way it's caught in my head.

Even though I don't use it, a lot of people still do (obviously, look at your Google+ page views), so here are a few tips for getting more traffic, through Google+.

1) Header - the Google+ header size is very annoying (at least for me), and I couldn't just resize my header, I had to make a completely new one. I used PicMonkey to create a header that's 480x270px just to find out it should've been more background-y because the right side of it is blurry and grey. Make sure to save your picture as a .png file. If you need help creating a header, email with any preferences (colors, fonts etc.) and I'll create a header for you with an affordable price!

2) Profile Picture - for my profile picture I used the same picture I use for every type of social media.

3) Link To Your Blog - make sure you have a link to your blog on your page. As I said before, your Google+ page (probably) has a lot more page views than our blogs, so if someone stumbles across your profile, they should have a way of reaching you, right?

4) +1 And Sharing - after publishing a post, the first thing I do is run down the post to the Blogger links for Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and advertise my new post. I like to +1 my posts and share them on Google+ so they appear on my profile, too. The +1's will appear in a different page for everything you +1'd (unless you made that page private, which I do not recommend unless you have 1+ something private) and the posts you shared will be added to your profile/timeline. Even if you only share a link, it will show a thumbnail of the post (picture title and the first three lines of your post). Make sure everything your post is public, so everyone can access your blog. If you use Blogger you can choose in the Google+ settings to automatically synchronize it with your blog and your posts will automatically be published on Google+ too.

Don't forget to have a +1 widget on your sidebar, and add me to your Google+ circles. Who knows, I might add you back.

Did you find any of these tips helpful?


  1. I never use my google plus. I do try to share my posts there as much as possible though. In a way it is a handy tool to help increase followers and views.



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