Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Come Up With New Blog Post Ideas

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Even though I've been on an on & off writers block, I still managed to post almost the same way I did before. So I decided to tell you my secret on how I find topics that I actually feel like writing. It might be quite obvious to some of you but, keeping lists is the best way to remember things.

I keep my 'blog posts to write' list on my phone since I always have it on me, whenever I have a new idea I just write it down. I also always read 'blog post idea' posts, because even though there might be a list of 50 post names, only a couple will fit my blog.

Whenever I feel like writing a post, but don't know what to write about I take a look at my list - I always find something that fits my mood or gives me inspiration for a similar post

If you feel like you really don't have anything to write about but still want to post, you can make a wish list, do a Q&A or make a list (example: books I want to read), etc.

How do you come up with blog post ideas?

Zoe xx

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