Saturday, February 13, 2016

60 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Yes, I know I've been neglecting my blog lately. I just wasn't feeling very inspired and didn't know what to write about. I decided to give it a go anyway, maybe this post will make me feel more inspired.

1. nature
2. hot long showers
3. Pinterest
4. my friends
5. this playlist
6. tea
7. stretching
8. yoga
9. music
10. feminists / people who have the same mindset as me
11. meeting new people
12. food
13. going out with people I like
14. staying in with people I like
15. spending time with people I like
16. when my Snapchat story is on point (@zoeeozstar)
17. when my Instagram feed is on point (@zoanacb)

18. motivational quotes - but not the ones that are cliche
19. traveling and/or discovering new places

20. when people get me
21. shopping
22. window shopping
23. dogs
24. cats
25. animals in general
26. getting good grades
27. ice cream
28. looking back at photos from fun times
29. planning parties for friends birthdays
30. having my friends plan parties for my birthday
31. glitter
32. learning new things
33. coming up with new theories and conspiracies
34. cozy sweaters
35. cozy blankets
36. aesthetically pleasing things
37. aesthetically pleasing photos

38. when my friends invite me to hang out
39. the after-workout feeling
40. baking
41. making things (DIYs)
42. wearing pretty things
43. doing my makeup
44. watching water flow
45. watching fire burn
46. balloons
47. deep breathes
48. flowers

49. plants in general
50. wall decor
51. taking pictures
52. getting ready to go out
53. concerts
54. flipping my hair - even though it's short
55. facepaint
56. doing things and thinking this is going to be a great story
57. when you ask someone for gum and they actually give you some
58. feeling inspired
59. taking care of my skin
60. realizing how many things can make me happy

What makes you happy? Do we have anything in common?

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