Thursday, March 10, 2016

Snapchat Accounts You NEED To Follow!

Snapchat has recently become one of my favorite social media platforms (after Instagram, of course). I thought I'd share here my favorite accounts.


These stores share sneak peaks to future collections, behind the scenes of their offices and photoshoots! Sometimes they will have exclusive promotion codes just to Snapchat fans.

Bloggers, YouTubers and MUAs (+links)

These are people who have exciting lives and get invited to special events (such as fashion week). They travel a lot and do hauls in their Snapchat story.

Famous People
@moonlightbae (Ariana Grande)

Obviously, these people have amazing lives. Go wherever they go, watch their makeup get done and their shows.

And finally, you should add me to Snapchat, just by scanning the code below with your Snapchat camera:

Leave your usernames below so I can add you back!

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