Saturday, August 20, 2016

Life Update

It has been a really long time since the last time I posted on this blog. That is because for a while I was too busy for this, but then I didn't even want to use it anymore. And then I went to summer camp abroad for a month.
Now that I'm back and missing camp, I feel like writing, so here I am.
I don't think I'll blog as seriously as I used to. I probably won't promote my new posts so much and I don't even know how many new posts there will be.
They might just come along when I feel inspired, or after something happens, and this blog will become my place to rant. I don't know what I'm doing.
I used to put a lot of times into my posts, I wrote and proof-read so many times, then I made/took pictures and did things that helped me boost my SEO, and then I promoted my posts on social media.
I don't plan on doing all those things now.
I already have a small following and I'm just gonna hope it grows by itself. But if it doesn't, that's fine - I don't expect it to.

School starts in less than 2 weeks and I still haven't started my summer work. I'm starting a new school and I'm kind of excited, even though I'd rather my summer break lasted longer.
I got into a special International Relations class that was hard to get into, and an advanced Chemistry class. I'm excited to make new friends. I'm a little anxious but I already know a lot of people who go to that school and a couple of them share classes with me.
I bet my anxiety will really kick in on the first day.

This is it for today,
I hope I'll write again soon - this was nice.

Zoe xx