Monday, December 28, 2015


Image credit: Pink Pot, edited by me.

7:00 - my mom walks in my room and starts yelling. first attempt at getting up

7:05-7:10 - several more attempts until I actually sit up and put in my eye contacts

7:12 - go to the bathroom: pee, take out my retainer, brush teeth

7:15 - get dressed. Since I have school shirts I have to wear every day and a strict dress code about pants/skirts, this doesn't take much time. Plus, I already came to school in my pajamas a few times - so who cares what I wear.

7:20 - makeup & hair: I usually just fill in my eyebrows and either leave my hair alone or put it in a ponytail - depending when was the last time I washed it.

7:24 - breakfast: I usually eat a quick bowl of cereal with milk and take my medication with the milk that's left over.

7:30 - take the food my mom made me (and/or) money for the day and stuff it in my bag and leave to the bus station.

7:33 - get to the bus station. I usually wait a couple of minutes until it comes. While waiting, I start watching Snapchats that I missed last night (add me on Snapchat @zoeeozstar).

7:35 - get on the bus and sit down. I then finish checking my Snapchat, Instagram, and messages.

7:55 - this is when I get to school. My classroom is on the 3rd floor - which means A LOT of stairs. I walk quite slowly since I'm still checking my Instagram (I like getting to where I finished the night before).

8:04 - is when I usually get to my classroom. I drop my backpack and step outside to the lobby. I usually choose a table and lay on it (because it's morning and I'm tired) while I finish checking my social media. Sometimes my friends try to talk to me but I explain to them that it's morning and I need my 'Internet Time' so they leave me alone - unless they're in the mood to piss me off.

8:15 - the bell rings and my classes start. Here comes hell, how fun :)

*All of these times are approximate and change daily.

How long do you take to get ready in the morning? Which of these do you do?