Thursday, December 24, 2015


 Photo credit: Pink Pot, edited by me

-Get better grades
-Choose which high school I want to switch into. (I already am in high-school but have to switch schools)
-Get accepted to that school.

-Make friends with people who already go to that school.
-Keep in touch with my friends who won't go to the same school as me.
-Make friends at whatever school I choose to go to before going there.

-Keep blogging and stick to my blog
-Improve my photography
-Get a domain
-Start a newsletter

-Go on a trip abroad with my friends.
-Take nice aesthetic pictures for my Instagram feed
-Snapchat everything fun I do to a new Snapchat account so at the end of the year I can look back at all the nice times I had. (you can add my personal Snapchat by snap-code now by scanning this or add @zoeeozstar):

What are your plans, goals and resolutions for 2016? 

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